Privacy Policy

The following Privacy Policy is an understanding with you on the collection, use and protection of your personal information. Please read the entire Privacy Policy.

1) Spark-A-Change Foundation is committed to ethical collection, retention and use of information that you provide about yourself on this site

2) Your personal information may comprise the following:
a) Name
b) Age
c) Occupation
d) User ID and password of your choice
e) Email and mailing address
f) Telephone number
g) Payment processing details
h) Limited personal details
i) Any other data as Spark-A-Change Foundationmay require

3) Your use of the website constitutes that you agree to all the terms and conditions in this Privacy Policy (is subject to amendment) and you are bound by it.

4) Collection of Information
a) Site browsing: You are not required to identify yourself when you are browsing our site nor provide any personal information. However, to interact with us or to access certain sections of our site will require your personal information. For instance, to make donations or to register yourself, you will be required to provide certain information.
b) While you are browsing our site few basic information may be automatically recorded by the website’s operating system like:
i) The date and time of your visit along with the address of the previous website you visited, if you linked to us from another website.
ii) The type of browser you are using.
c) Spark-A-Change Foundation’s tracking system does not record personal information or link this information to any information provided by you.
d) The general information collected is used by Spark-A- Change Foundationto track overall traffic patterns on its site, for statistical analysis and to determine the interest of people in Spark-A-Change Foundation. This information may be shared by Spark-A-Change Foundation with discretion.

5) Usage of information

Spark-A-Change Foundation will use personal information for the internal purpose that includes:
a) Sending you regular updates on the usage of donations by Spark-A-Change Foundation, emails, catalogues, promotional material, reminders for donation and so on.
b) Processing your donations made to Spark-A-Change Foundation
c) Delivering receipts for your donation d. Maintaining a confidential database of all personal information collected from the website. e. The information may be used to evaluate and administer Spark-A-Change Foundation’s activities and gauge visitor’s trends on the site.

6) Divulging of Personal Information
a) Spark-A-Change Foundation gives access of your personal information to people who are authorized by Spark-A-Change Foundation and the third parties who are hired by them to perform administrative services. However, Spark-A-Change Foundation does not guarantee that your information will be kept confidential by these parties and Spark-A-Change Foundation is not liable in any manner for the loss of confidentiality by them.
b) Spark-A-Change Foundation may share your Personal Information with people or organizations affiliated with Spark-A-Change Foundation.
c) Spark-A-Change Foundation is not liable for any damage, loss or harm caused to you due to the misuse of your Personal Information by the third party who is not an employee of Spark-A-Change Foundation.
d) Your Personal Information may be disclosed without your consent or notice to satisfy any requirement of law, legal investigation, legal request and to protect Spark-A-Change Foundation and its property.

8) Security Spark-A-Change Foundation aspires to use the latest security measures to safeguard your Personal Information.

9) Links to other websites Spark-A-Change Foundation aspires to use the latest security measures to safeguard your Personal Information.

10) Variation of the Policy Spark-A-Change Foundation is entitled to modify, alter or delete any terms or conditions contained on the website. You are bound by this change once you visit the site after the amendment of the Privacy Policy.

11) Copyright Protection All the content on the website is the property of Spark- A-Change Foundation and is protected by Indian and International Copyright laws. You are permissible to use the recourses of this website to make donations and enquiries. For any other use you need permission from Spark-A-Change Foundation.