About Us

Spark-A-Change was born out of the conviction that literacy transforms lives and is imperative for personal and societal progress.

Who do we cater to ?

At Spark-A-Change, our primary focus is on students from low-income backgrounds enrolled in schools and colleges.

The Problem

India’s large youth population provides a demographic advantage, but inadequate education and learning environments for underserved students result in majority of them with poor foundational skills, hindering their employability and adaptability.

India Skills Report 2021 estimated overall employability at 45.9 per cent.

The Root

ASER report in India 2020-21 reveals a concerning school enrollment ratio of 10:1

According to the UDISE Plus report, a significant 4,700,997 students in India discontinued their education between 2020-21 and 2021-22.

Our Goals

To equip children with knowledge, support, and essential skills.
Creating a joyful learning environment for children to build strong values.
Engaging compassionate individuals in driving social change.

Our Vision

Every child educated with access to equal opportunities for a better future.
Nurturing responsible global citizens by providing opportunities for children to thrive.

Our Values

Integrity – Honest interactions, respect, and trust for the common good of children.
Collaboration – Learning, reinventing, and working together for better education.
Humanism – Harnessing the power of selfless giving to positively transform lives.

So, what do we do?

At Spark-A-Change, we provide holistic support through in-school and after-school programs, maximizing children’s potential for comprehensive development.

In-School Support Programs

After School Programs