At Spark-A -Change, we believe every individual can make a difference and contribute to building a safe and equitable society.  Volunteers are the backbone of SAC – the wind beneath our wings, the architects of our vision.  Volunteers symbolize our principles, putting them into action on the ground, ambassadors of our cause.  


At SAC we have a plethora of activities for volunteers, from teaching English and Math to enthusiastic kiddos and  mentoring youth, to conducting co-curricular activities, managing events, creating newsletters and reports, building curriculum and much more.

We would love for individuals who are passionate about making a difference to join us in the journey to a better future.  Fill in the form below and we will reach out to you


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At SAC we firmly believe collaboration with like-minded entities with a common intent is the only way to achieve greater sustainable good.  We are open to working with educational institutions, corporates, citizen groups, fellow NGOs who resonate with our cause.


Reach out to us on info@sparkachangefoundation.org or 8879610081 and we willl be happy to discuss.



Work with us

As we grow, we need passionate, self-motivated individuals with strong values and ethics, committed to the cause of equity in education, to join our team.