The curricular programs are aimed to strengthen the core subjects English, Math and Science.
Meticulously curated syllabus and workbooks enable our volunteers to provide structured education as the children progress through their primary classes.
Intensive coaching is introduced from grade 8 onwards to ensure that the children thoroughly understand all the subjects pertaining to the SSC board and are prepared for their board exams.

Anviksha Preschool Program

Access to quality Early Education has a profound impact on a child’s future learning. At Anviksha, the focus is to provide free early education to children aged 3-6 years using easily implementable methodologies and tools. The program also aims to engage parents and caregivers as partners in their child’s educational journey


Foundational Learning Program

SAC Spaces of Change cater to students of grades 1-7. Programs to build concepts in English and Mathematics are conducted by volunteers well-trained to implement our curriculum.

Board Ready Program

Board Ready Program provides guidance and tutorial support for all subjects to students of Grades 8 & above delivered by a group of qualified paid tutors and volunteers, in a stress free, encouraging atmosphere. Students are provided access to various self-learning platforms to encourage ownership of their education

Youth Empowerment Program

Scholarship schemes, mentorship support, awareness and coaching support for various Govt recruitment exams, access to vocational training programs are provided to students pursuing Undergraduate Studies

In-School Support Programs

In-School interventions include providing English Language support to vernacular students of BMC and Low-income schools, to teacher support for higher grade students