The new world asks for more in terms of skills than just sound education. Co-curricular activities based on skill development provide that necessary edge. Each co-curricular activity is aimed to fine tune the abilities of the children thus giving them the opportunity to recognise their strengths and make mindful decisions with regards to their vocational goals.
Computer Literacy

Children are enrolled with courses such as MSCIT and Advanced Excel post their SSC to support their further education.

Career Guidance and Exposure

A course for students of grades 8 & above to guide them on a career plan basis their aptitudes, interests, opportunities and options

Sports Education
Sports Education

Sports not only builds physical strength, but also inculcates values of team work, fair play, focus and a positive attitude. Age appropriate game sessions are part of regular activities. Students with talent for specific sports are supported to pursue formal training

Theatre, Arts & Craft

SAC students also participate in structured Applied Theatre, Art and Craft sessions all year. Such programs provide spaces for self-expression, cultivates imagination, and a possible future profession to some.

Social Emotional Learning

Year-long structured sessions are held with students to build SEL skills like resilience, gender equity, personal space, empathy, that form the core of every personality and well-being